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CN-103246906-A: 一种新型带凹凸槽的标签 patent, CN-103248375-A: 短厘米波段双极化制冷接收机杜瓦 patent, CN-103250406-A: Imaging device patent, CN-103250783-A: 一种延长核桃仁贮藏期的方法 patent, CN-103255630-A: 一种tpu直接镀铝涂料的制作方法 patent, CN-103260829-A: 手持式工具机 patent, CN-103261043-A: 具有密封构件的用于包装产品具体是化妆品的设备 patent, CN-103264095-A: 连续冲剪机 patent, CN-103274007-A: 一种适合残疾人载乘雪地轮滑车 patent, CN-103274664-A: 一种工艺品及其制作方法 patent, CN-103275709-A: 乙醛的催化敏感材料 patent, CN-103279043-A: 自动启闭电热控制器 patent, CN-103279299-A: Method and device for unlocking touch screen patent, CN-103290890-A: 一种出水嘴 patent, CN-103291427-A: Selective catalytic reduction device control methods and systems patent, CN-103291841-A: 一种带有保险装置的转环装置 patent, CN-103299982-A: 一种草地弹射灭鼠方法及其装置 patent, CN-103308249-A: 压力表 patent, CN-103322925-A: Optical heterodyne interference method for eliminating non-linear errors based on phase-locked loop filtering method patent, CN-103330140-A: Highland barley oatmeal as well as preparation method thereof patent, CN-103332417-A: Opening system for upper cover door with worm wheel and worm linked on container supported by single point patent, CN-103332633-A: 一种搭板伸缩式升降平台 patent, CN-103335004-A: Furniture connection screw nut anti-loosening structure patent, CN-103335005-A: 紧锁螺帽 patent, CN-103340165-A: 一种桂花鱼池塘生态高产稳产方法 patent, CN-103340997-A: Extraction method of alocasia macrorrhizos traditional Chinese medicine liquid patent, CN-103341288-A: 用于去除饮用水中有机锡化合物的过滤介质及其制备方法 patent, CN-103347994-A: Thermal cycler apparatus and related methods patent, CN-103350931-A: Hanging type cable collector patent, CN-103353642-A: Light central-tube type lead-in optical cable patent, CN-103354786-A: 车辆用电子钥匙系统 patent, CN-103358627-A: 一种高性能纤维层复合板材及其制备方法 patent, CN-103365634-A: Method for transferring controlling processes into program control statements in flow chart patent, CN-103366917-A: 制冷装置和高温超导磁体制冷装置 patent, CN-103373341-A: Control device of vehicle driving apparatus patent, CN-103376516-A: 光纤传输模组 patent, CN-103383914-A: 半导体结构及其制造方法 patent, CN-103387323-A: 半螺旋倾斜式连续炭化输料装置 patent, CN-103393478-A: 一种快捷动物眼角膜切割装置 patent, CN-103397643-A: Connector for internal supporting system for integral prestress fabricated foundation pit support patent, CN-103397777-A: 一种附着桁架式混凝土墙模板支撑 patent, CN-103406178-A: Ball milling pot used for preparing metal coordination hydride nanorod patent, CN-103410216-A: 基于低影响开发的源头雨水沉砂井 patent, CN-103416021-A: System for enabling digital signature auditing patent, CN-103429214-A: 氧运输体给予系统、氧运输体氧合装置及氧运输体用收容体 patent, CN-103431192-A: 一种南美白对虾专用的摄食促进剂及其制备方法 patent, CN-103441956-A: 一种基于资源空间矢量运算的认知网络资源管理方法 patent, CN-103463877-A: Smoke fog filter patent, CN-103464512-A: 一种金属拉丝机绕丝盘支架 patent, CN-103465037-A: 一种径向重载型滚子滑座返向装置 patent, CN-103465491-A: 一种压力器 patent, CN-103472792-A: Intelligent drainage system patent, CN-103477867-A: Method of preparing edible mushrooms inoculating sticks by branches in low temperature environment patent, CN-103478642-A: Health-maintenance small thick liquid salty pancake patent, CN-103479209-A: Uniform rice feeding device patent, CN-103486126-A: 螺纹工具磨槽机的拧紧螺母 patent, CN-103491777-A: Cathepsin c inhibitors patent, CN-103491918-A: Integrated tampon and method for making the same patent, CN-103495633-A: 多功能伺服曲柄肘杆压力机 patent, CN-103497157-A: 一种2-咪唑烷酮的合成方法 patent, CN-103502651-A: 模具泵组件 patent, CN-103502779-A: Apparatus and method for measuring the flow-rate of different fluids present in multiphase streams patent, CN-103514377-A: 一种基于“天-地-生”的城市群土地环境影响评价方法 patent, CN-103518900-A: 一种茭白桑葚蜂蜜茶及其制作方法 patent, CN-103519112-A: Method for concentrating oyster juice patent, CN-103519207-A: 一种以鸡食管、腺胃为原料的调理食品 patent, CN-103541989-A: 一种销轴转动连接结构 patent, CN-103544749-A: Cloud control the access control management system and the authentication method patent, CN-103544846-A: 一种公交自动报站方法及其使用装置 patent, CN-103551851-A: Method and die for combined forming of parts of metal plate with protrusion structure at bottom patent, CN-103552605-A: 一种横纵梁连接组件 patent, CN-103557377-A: Method for preparing ceramic-lined composite stainless steel tube patent, EP-0282000-A3: Cationically electrodepositable finely divided gelled polymer and cationically electrodepositable coating composition containing same patent, CN-103571287-A: Fire-retardant coating patent, CN-103575833-A: 一种油脂中游离型及结合型3-氯-1,2-丙二醇检测中的样品预处理方法 patent, CN-103577668-A: Calculation method for cotton linter elimination factor of cotton combing machine patent, CN-103578741-A: 一种并联两根超导带材螺管线圈绕制的换位方法 patent, CN-103582002-A: 最小化路测量测数据的回报方法 patent, CN-103591258-A: 大型龙门导轨磨油压缸传动端固定装置 patent, CN-103591293-A: Water-cooling mechanical seal structure for pumps patent, CN-103593397-A: Method and device for acquiring microblog content patent, CN-103593451-A: File scanning method and device patent, CN-103605544-A: Configuring method and configuring device for player patent, CN-103607704-A: Short message forwarding device and method patent, CN-103608724-A: Camera body, lens tube, and exchangeable-lens camera patent, CN-103610080-A: Oral liquid suitable for pregnant women and used for treating ozostomia and production technology thereof patent, CN-103610464-A: 一种使用led对口腔牙周炎进行光动力治疗的方法及其装置 patent, CN-103616901-A: 一种用于消防水池的自动水位控制系统 patent, CN-103626172-A: Method for preparing graphite paper with high thermal conductivity patent, CN-103628637-A: Intelligent building sun-shading system and method patent, CN-103630393-A: 索力监测的受损索集中载荷支座线位移识别方法 patent, CN-103630591-A: 基于石墨烯-壳聚糖修饰电极测定环境水样中苯酚的电化学方法 patent, CN-103633748-A: Wireless power supply system for electromagnetic resonance type railway locomotive patent, CN-103648740-A: Polymer composition for manufacturing biodegradable articles and process thereof patent, CN-103649077-A: Sulphonamide derivatives of alicyclic amines for the treatment of central nervous system diseases patent, CN-103650702-A: Seeding strip dot-matrix type glue dispensing apparatus patent, CN-103650848-A: 一种富硒、富锌、富钙香蕉的栽培方法 patent, CN-103654375-A: Appliance for cooking food under pressure with a lightened lid patent, CN-103654940-A: Device for guiding metal wire to carry out cerclage on long tubular bone patent, CN-103658189-A: 一种温轧机在线热辊及温度控制的装置 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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